About Us

A passion for natural, chemical-free personal care drove me to start the business. I am a fan of herbal and ayurvedic care and use it in my daily care. The birth of my first child transformed my life and brought me infinite joy and fulfilment. She grew like a flower in my hands and I became her fulltime gardener. I forgot my routines of the past. I later realized that we, women often have very little time to tend to ourselves while looking after loved ones. After all, making a product from scratch is time-consuming. But it is also important to take proper care to combat acne, hair loss and skin aging that follows pregnancy due to insufficient care. While personal care products on the market are convenient, they use harmful chemicals. So, the problems become worse in the long run. Most organic products on the market are also very expensive. Thus, I came up with Sanaa Naturals to offer affordable high-quality personal care products.

   At Sanaa Naturals, we offer products manufactured in small-batches, using only the highest quality organic and natural botanical ingredients. Our products are vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free with botanical formulas. Our products are made in FDA approved labs in USA to maintain the highest quality standard. We use airless bottle for most of our products to last the product life.

Step up your personal care routine and enjoy the benefits of nature. We appreciate your business!

Shovon Siddique